Below are some frequently asked questions about getting involved with activities at the university.

To find out more about public involvement please also see the INVOLVE web page.

Q: By expressing interest in an opportunity, am I committing to doing something?

A: Definitely not. Please feel free to get in touch with lead contacts for the different opportunities simply to find out more about what is involved. There is no obligation to go ahead with the opportunity if you feel it isn’t right for you or if you change your mind.

Q: I’m interested in getting involved but can’t make the dates advertised on an opportunity of interest, should I still get in touch?

A: Yes, please do get in touch and let the lead contact know that this is something that you might be interested in. If you are happy for them to keep your contact details, they can get in touch with you directly to let you know of other similar opportunities to get involved.

Q: Will I get paid for my contribution?

A: Some opportunities will have funding to cover the cost of your expenses only e.g. travel. Other opportunities will have funding to cover the cost of your expenses and also reimburse you for your time contribution. Reimbursement may vary across opportunities. The lead contact for the opportunity will be able to let you know in advance what reimbursement is available.

Q: Is there a public involvement group that I can become part of in between contributing to different activities?

A: Yes, there are different groups that you could join. For example, in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing there is a group called Comensus. Comensus involves service users, carers and the wider community in activities across a number of Schools at the university. Comensus was developed to embed service user and carer voices within health and social care practice and it provides a central hub for co-ordinating user and carer involvement.